035[2]As a school of residential students, Bezaleel offers educational classes during the morning and vocational/technical classes in the afternoon. In 2002, the academic program received official accreditation from the national government of Guatemala. Bezaleel offers 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, known in the Guatemalan education system as “Basico”. With the addition of an accounting career track in 2003, Bezaleel began to also offer 10th, 11th, and 12th grade accounting classes, known as “Perito Contador”. Bezaleel strives to change lives through the following educational objectives:

Give value and dignity to the Kekchi language and culture

Promote human rights and equality

Deepen student’s knowledge of the Bible

Provide students with vocational skills

Instruct students in community organization and development

Develop church and community leaders

Educate students in constructive mediation and reconciliation, creative problem solving and transformation of conflicts into opportunities

Form students who follow the way of Jesus and who are oriented toward the coming of God’s kingdom of Peace and Justice

039[1]The afternoon vocational/technical program offers students an 256_revisedopportunity to learn skills such as sewing/tailoring, 407[1]welding, woodworking, traditional back-strap loom weaving, 025organic agriculture, community and church leadership, home economics and health care. Students also have the opportunity to study 282[1]computer, music, art and typing. Bible classes, where students are encouraged to follow Jesus in every aspect of their life, are an integral part of Bezaleel’s academic program. All students help with the work at Bezaleel, including construction, agriculture, campus maintenance and kitchen work, thus adding a valuable part to each student’s formation. Community life and learning extends beyond the classrooms at Bezaleel where students lead and participate in worship several times a week. Through these various programs, students at Bezaleel are truly offered a transformational, holistic, bilingual educational experience.